Creating and Using Fragments CodePath Android Cliffnotes

Contents Remove one transaction from backstack: Step 1. Layout Writings Tags and names Managing Android Fragment Backstack Through Tags Files But it is showing a blank window and I have to press back a third time to close it. There’s one last thing to note in my example, and that’s the use of FragmentManager.POP_BACK_STACK_INCLUSIVE. This […]

What content survives Google algorithm updates?

SEOs are too accustomed to reacting to Google changes; especially Google algorithm updates. But what if you can build a site with content that you are confident won’t take a rankings hit after Google releases a new update. That is what most SEOs are trying to achieve. In my keynote during our virtual SMX Next last month, I […]

Search engines penalize websites – but why?

There’s hardly another constant hot-button issue as intensely debated within the search industry as search engine penalties. Leading SEO outlets maintain their coverage of that touchy subject from a uniform angle, reinforcing the subjective view that seems all but a few websites are penalized. Yet despite this ongoing barrage of information, it seems that more […]